Wednesday, June 27, 2007

edgy stuff

Last week after complaining that my Garmin Edge 305 wasn’t getting very good battery life I decided to call Garmin and see what could be done. Well, it turns out the main problem was that it was running on outdated programming so after some noodling around on their site I found the necessary updates, downloaded them and voila! all is better. Well, not totally but my run times now seem to be up in the 7-ish hour range as opposed to the 4-ish range from before. This is a step in the right direction but ideally I’d still prefer to be getting 10-12 hrs since that is what they advertise it as plus it would have been really nice of them to tell you somewhere in the manual that periodic updates would be available on-line. Oh well, we’ll see what’s happening.

This afternoon was supposed to be the weekly road death march but with the 90 degree swass (sweaty ass) conditions predicted it looks like the group will be pretty slim, maybe even just me. As a result I’ve decided to scuttle the road plans, stop home, grab the Dos-n-dog and head to the Camden Snow Bowl to get in multiple laps on next weekends race course. It’s a brutal one with a 20 minute opening climb followed by some nasty cross eyed descending on some sweet technical single track. After this past weekend’s race the snow bowl’s trails, while technical in their own rite, will probably now feel like groomed cart paths. The added bonus of a snow bowl ride is that there is a sweet swimming spot right where the car will be parked so the pooch and I will be able to take a post ride dip.

Wheels, when are you pre-riding the course? Maybe we can hook up and you can pass on some of your good ju-ju so next weekend I can hold your wheel!

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