Monday, June 05, 2006


As I was browsing through the hair removal section of the local Rite Aid this weekend (it has just occured to me that I think a bit too much about hair removal now) I happened to notice a product called Nad's for hair removal. I thought this was an interesting name for a hair removal product so this morning I went to their website and found out they have Nad's For Men. Fricking sweet! I can finally get myself some nads.

Based on some reviews online, I wouldn't use it on my nads though. "It removed no hair, but caused irritation and redness."


Jason said...

How'd ya like to be the poor bastard that had to find out that his boyz would be irritatd and red?


tizzom said...

That's definately a bad name for a product that can't be used on the area the product is named for.

That site has the WORST quotes i've ever seen:
"You can achieve a hair-free body at high speed"
another was
"Nads the runaway hit from Australia... you can do it at home and you can barely feel it".