Monday, June 05, 2006

The aftermath

Hmmmm, how to follow up on such a wickedly popular post... I guess I'll do it by not talking about riding! Sounds like a good idea, huh? I really didn't do any riding this weekend for a couple of reasons. Reason number one is I have a serious honey-do list to work on and two it rained like hell all weekend so it made sense to deal with reason #1. My main project for the weekend was to pour the concrete countertop for the bathroom. I've been slowly making the form for it for over a month so it was about freakin time I actually did the pour. It went pretty smoothly and you can see the initial results at DAMNelsons. In the end it should look pretty sweet, sort of like marble but with lots more options as far as finish goes. I also built a wall cap for the half wall hiding the crapper but no pics of that.

The weather is looking pretty decent for this week so hopefully I'll get some riding in but as soon as the sun shows its face, we'll be finishing up the exterior painting since our house is looking a bit bi-polar right now.

Yesterday, I was down in the bike room with brynna for a few minutes and realized how good of a job I've done babyproofing that space. Man what a shithole! I'm not sure this room could ever be saved. I think I'd better schedule a visit from the renovation fairy for this place soon.

NEMBAfest is this weekend down in Mass and it also happens to be my brother's birthday so I might be making the trek down there for some riding on Sunday. Jeff W., are you going to be there? Seems like its right in your neck of the woods.

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