Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Ferninator!

On my continued quest to get the pooch into shape, I dragged his ass out of the house with me this morning at 4:20 to go for a mountain bike ride. Time constraints don’t allow for evening rides right now so an early morning trail session was in order. Because of the rain that we’ve had for the last few weeks, I hadn’t been to the Zak Preserve trails in a while so I decided to go there. The trails were in decent shape water wise but it was apparent that the trail hasn’t been used much recently especially near the far end because ferns were beginning to overtake some of the trail. The trails there are freaking narrow enough without those suckers choking it down even more so I found myself on a fern crushing spree. Whenever possible, if a new cute little adorable baby fern was beginning to show its chubby little cheeks on the trail I would deftly run it down and smash it into oblivion. Take that you defenseless forest creature, that’ll teach you for living. Little bastards.

Die you dirty little son of a bitch!


tizzom said...

Kinda funny we both posted about killing/wanting to kill plants today.
It's a very plant oriented day which will involve the re-potting of several near dead house plants.

rick said...

yup, we're both full o' good old fashioned plant rage right now.

Jason said...

I feel as if I should speak in behalf of the plant world...

On 2nd thought, F*ck it. KILL! KILL! KILL!


Andy said...

yo Rick- did you travel down from Vacationland to race the NS Classic? Think we spoke on the course...something like,
(me)"yo bikeman! your name Rick?"
(you) yup
Then I thought we'd have som'more conversation out there but we never met up was it you or some other Bikeman rider named Rick?