Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Stalk much?

I’m getting a bit weirded out.  I’m thinking that Jason is a stalker.  I noticed on his blog this morning that he has the same road bike as myself, he just put on the same tires I have, he built up a Dos Niner, just like me, he joined Team Bikeman to be like me…  This is starting to get scary.  He was even clever enough to know what we were going to name our daughter so that he could name his son a very similar name before we even had Brynna.  Brynna-Brennan, that’s only two freakin letter off!  That’s some world class stalking right there to know what we’re going to name our child 2-3 years before we did!  If he lived closer than 400 miles away, I’d be a bit worried.  You keep yourself and your dirty chamois away from me you freak!

In other un-interesting news, we had a pretty good Memorial Day weekend.  Saturday we went up to the rents place so Marcy could go to a baby shower so I got to go for a ride with the rest of the family.  Practically the whole damn gang was there including my mom, dad and brother.  It wasn’t the fastest ride ever but it was fun.  Gotta spread the fat tire love.

Sunday was spent roasting in the sun while we painted the house.  We managed to get two sides done before heat stroke set in and we called it a day.  To reward ourselves for the hard work, we loaded B-Girl into the trailer and rode our bikes over to the ice cream place and then over to the grocery store for some salads for later.  It wasn’t the longest ride ever but its always nice to get out for a spin with Marcy.  Brynna seems to really like the trailer now too.  She quickly falls asleep and isn’t bothered as much by the rough areas.  Hopefully by this summer, she’ll be ready to go up to Acadia to hit up some of the carriage roads.

I had planned a ride yesterday but I ended up giving blood instead so I didn’t think suffering in the 80+ deg. weather was the wisest choice so I ended up laying low for most of the day yesterday puttering around the house.  How I love to putter.

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Jason said...

I'm the freak? Hmmm. Pot/Kettle/Black.

Wifey gave blood last week. Ended up passing out at work from not eating enough earlier. Nice. Wise choice not riding.

Did you give blood to be like her? Hmmm.