Friday, May 26, 2006

Dos hours

Hit up two hours of trail time on the beloved Dos Niner last night with a client of ours. He is new to the area and was looking for the inside skinny on local trails so I graciously offered to show him what we had to offer. The Zak Preserve trail beat him into submission quickly but to his credit, he kept re-mounting and having at it. The Zak trails can be a real ego buster. If you don’t have absolutely prefect pedal placement and remember to not look at what you don’t want to hit you’ll be in for a world of hurt or at least humiliation. Bob pulled through though and I suspect that after a few more trips through, he’ll be riding it like a champ. I even managed to fall off of a bridge at one point. You have to approach the bridge from an angle so I got the front wheel up but the rear dragged along the side and forced me over. Thankfully it was only about 4' down and I have super silly long legs because I was somehow able to put my right foot down (into about a foot of muck) while the bike stayed on the bridge. I’ll have to make a note to myself to not take ANY newbies on that trail. That’s the type of stuff that’ll scare people away from mountain biking forever. I think the trails in the Schmid Preserve afterwards treated him better allowing for some face saving.

I wonder if there is any way I can bill that time??? Hmmm, maybe marketing or client relations? I've gotta figure out a way to get paid to ride damnit!

I’m not sure whats on tap for the weekend. I hope to get in a quick mtb ride at my parents tomorrow while Marcy is at a baby shower but its looking like rain so I may end up helping my dad do some demo for their kitchen. That’ll be fun too. Destruction is good. Sunday, we’ll be painting the house so no saddle time then. Monday though, I may be hitting up a road race in southern Maine. Hopefully, that’ll work out because it’s a very fun race and I could use the intensity.


Anonymous said...

What's even better, is you had to ride your bike to entertain a client... ergo, your bike is a business expense. :D

Mark (Matt's friend)

rick said...

saweet! All sorts of angles to work.