Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Doggy maintenance

Over the last few months, we've been getting comments on how tubby our pooch Chancy-Pants is getting. In fact, sincy Brynna was born, he's gone from a svelt-ish 115 lbs to a stalky 126. Keep in mind he is a big dog to begin with, standing at over three feet tall to the top of his head but still, he is getting a bit thick. As a result, I've decided to try to take him on more rides to try to trim him down. Its been tough though because the slower and fatter that he gets, the less I want to take him with me on rides and therefore he gets even slower and fatter. Its a viscous cycle. To top it off, he doesn't handle heat well so as we get into swamp ass, hot as frick weather this spring and summer he'll slow down even more. So I guess I'd better get my ass in gear and get his ass in shape before it gets too hot out.

With that in mind, I took him out on the DAMNelsons ride on Saturday. It was the warmest it has been in some time and by 30 minutes, the pooch was cooked despite us waiting for him constantly and letting him rest so I ended up calling Marcy to pick him up in the mom wagon. The sorry s.o.b. couldn't wait to climb into the car. Thankfully we had come out to a road but it would have taken forever and a day if we had to backtrack through the trails with him.

To keep things going, yesterday I brought him to work with me for a post work ride at the Schmid Preserve. He ended up doing very well for our first 40 min loop. I briefly contemplated taking him out for another but he was looking a bit peekid and I didn't want to push him too hard so I called it quits there. Hopefully if we can keep this up, he'll get back into good enough shape to go on real rides with me again. Now if I could just keep him from wandering off sniffing and pissing on shit constantly...

One bummer from yesterday's ride was that my Sidi's seem to finally be giving up the ghost. I've had them for four years I believe and the soles are now starting to pull away. I guess I'm in the market for a new pair of shoes. I'll probably end up with the Sidi Narrows this time since all of my shoes seem to fit too wide. Hopefully the narrows will be the answer so I can finally have some shoes that fit properly.

I've added two new links to the side bar. The first is to teammate Tom Lambert's blog (thanks to Jason for that one) and the second is to Gwadzilla's blog. Happy reading.


gwadzilla said...

I hear that gwadzilla blog can be a good read
although I have yet to find anything of interest there as of yet

gwadzilla said...

I love my dogs...
except when they are bad

the other night they bum rushed a neighbor's dog
my wife had the leashes
but she also had our younger son
she had to make Shopie's Less Difficult Choice
she let the leashes go and held onto the child

no blood
no foul

a situation like that is fuel for the soul
I was apolgetic
let me remind myself of such incidents the next time my dogs get bum rushed

try SHOE GOO on that shoe?
how about a warranty?
they are expensive shoes

rick said...

I may try to fix them up enough to use as a crappy conditions shoe but that'll be the extent of it. After having used them so much, I wouldn't consider a warranty even if it was available. I think I got my money's worth out of them.

tizzom said...

Rick, you should totally do the road race on saturday, the crit is on sunday. I know it's not likely, but make it happen. It would be tons more fun to have a teamate there i think.