Thursday, May 11, 2006

Oh, happy days!

I just heard from team manager, Al, that my Dos Niner is ready to roll. On Friday I dropped it off at the shop to have the last of the SRAM/Avid/TruVativ order installed. Off came the XTR rear derailleur and XT shifter and break pods and on went a new XO rear and XO gripshift and some hella sweet Avid Ultimate brake levers. I was supposed to get the Speed Dial SL’s but they got left off of the SRAM order so I got the Ultimates for roughly the same price. Killer! As previously mentioned, I have decided to run it as a 1x9 for now so the XO front twisty and X-Gen front derailleur are staying in a box for now until I either decide to put them on the bike or E-Bay the suckers. Al also re-did the brake cables since they were installed improperly initially which means that with the proper cable set up and the new brake levers, I should be getting mad stopping power now. I was already impressed with the Avid BB7’s before so I can’t even begin to imagine what they’ll be like now. The last piece that went on was a new TruVativ Stylo Team GXP crankset with a Salsa single speed ring and TruVativ bashguard. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the Bonty crank that came off. I’ll probably hold onto it for a future build if I pick up a beater bike along the way or something. I’ll be picking up the newly pimped Dos either this afternoon or tomorrow so hopefully we get a fairly dry weekend so that I can test it out. Can’t wait.


Jason said...

Sweet! Anxious to hear the how it is.
What gear are you using up front?

I'm loving the Dos. I like the new El Mariachi too, but not into the rigid fork (I know I can take it off) and not into steel bikes. I just can't maintain them in the WPA slop. I end up with a rusted husk. Niner bikes is coming out with a sweet geared scandium HT. Look like the tits.

Hope you get some good weather up there. Looks to suck here.

Later. J.

rick said...

32 in the front 11 or 12-34 in the rear. Its worked for the last month or so, so it should work fine in races and no front derailleur to get f'ed up.