Wednesday, May 10, 2006

game on

What a difference 12 hours makes.  As I mentioned before, my ride in yesterday sucked monkey nuts even though it was a nice morning and I had given myself plenty of time to get in a good ride.  Fast forward 12 hours, when I was leaving work, it was once again pissing down rain but I was determined to make up for the morning suffer fest.  I decided that despite the rain, I would try for a time record for my commute home.  Marcy’s parents were going to get there at about the same time as me so it gave me some extra incentive to hoof it so that I could get there and cleaned up before their arrival.  The ride started our surprisingly well, right out of the box I was able to sprint up our areas short hills (most under a minute long) and my legs felt very snappy.  After my success on the first hill I decided to attack each hill and ride a good but not too hard tempo between each one.  This tactic actually works pretty well around here since there are constant rollers so I would hammer up each and then cruise at a good pace until the next (usually less than a few minutes apart) creating a good interval/hill workout in the process.  I don’t know what was up but I was definitely firing on all cylinders and flying along despite having to ride through a steady rain and countless puddles.  Just to keep yin and yang in balance though, I got a flat tire on the very last hill of the day less than a hundred yards from my house.  So instead of triumphantly rolling into the garage, I was forced to walk the last bit (no sense in changing a flat in the rain while I’m so close to home), talk about a let down.  In the end, if I discount the walk time, I ended up with my quickest commute which I consider quite good considering the conditions.

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