Wednesday, May 24, 2006

3am + stale pb&j = mental toughness

Phew, what a frickin sweet commute this morning.  I got up at 3 am (I had thought about trying to sleep a bit longer but had been basically awake since 1:30 anyway so I figured I might as well get in a good long road ride instead) and hit the road at 3:15 for a planned 3 hour loop through some of the hillier roads north of town.  Despite the early hour and not having touched my bike since Sunday’s race, I was feeling really good and cruising up most of the climbs.  Because of the darkness I didn’t always know exactly where I was on the road so on a couple of the tougher climbs I actually big ringed halfway up before realizing where I was and settling into a more comfortable pace.  It was interesting to note that those two climbs seemed much easier in the dark.  I guess psychologically they can be tougher in the daylight because you can see the crest of the climb in the distance but in the dark you simply focus on your little world of light.

I ended up rolling into the office at 6:15 precisely giving me just enough time to shit, shower and shave (ok, actually I only showered) and still be into work by 6:30.  I don’t need to be in so early but I hate to stay at work after 4 in the afternoons so my early arrival allows me to sneak out early as well.

Ride totals:
Time-3 hours
Distance-49.5 miles
Average-16.5 mph (kind of slow but cut me some slack, it was 3 in the morning!)


Jason said...

Damn dude! I can not believe you get up like that to ride! Guess you gotta make the most of the time you get. Great job.

I was hitting the snooze button at 6:30.



rick said...

its sort of tough but I had hoped to get long rides on the weekends but that hasn't panned out so this is the only time that works. At least if I ever do another 24 hr race I'll be used to the early morning hours which are the worst.