Tuesday, April 25, 2006

River ~ Link

So, I can't even tell you how excited I am about this development. River ~ Link Right now, when I ride my mountain bike home I ride through both the Zak and Schmid preserves already so I'm psyched to see that eventually I'll be able to ride via trail from one to the other instead of hitting the road. I'm hoping to get involved in the planning and construction of the trail so that mountain bikers have a presence in the whole process and as the regional coordinator for Maine NEMBA I guess its sort of my duty anyway.



Jason said...

That will be a sweet deal for you. Cool.

Saw that you asked about the sleeping in the E. I've never tried it on the floor, probably better (flatter) the seats are a bit lumpy but I just keep the rear on a slight incline and sleep kinda sitting. Doesn't leave many options if you get uncomfortable though. Despite that I still prefer it to a tent.


rick said...

and what do you do for ventilation? if its buggy out it must get super hot in there. I've thougth of getting a piece of screen to cover the moon roof opening and just hope that it doesn't rain during the night.