Wednesday, April 26, 2006


No real riding for me recently. I have been able to get in a couple of quick trainer spins to keep everything loose but that’s it. What I have had a bit of time for is some much needed TLC on both the road machine and mtb. Last night I cleaned and lubed both chains and made sure the shifting was spot on. I also installed the remainder of the Bonk! frame saver stuff to the Dos. It seems to be great stuff, is fairly easy to install and should help keep the paint on the frame. Salsa’s paint seems to chip really easily and with the rock chucking ability of the Ignitors the Bonk! should keep it looking pretty. The test area that I applied a few weeks ago hasn’t shown any sign of wear or scratching even though it is in a major cable rub area.

If you look really close, you can see the edge of the bonk! just below the salsa sticker on the down tube and near the bottom of the top tube.

Speaking of the Dos, I tossed it in the toaster this morning so that I could ride it home tonight. Not sure yet if it’ll be a solo endeavor or if KWood will be coming along but either way it should be a good ride.

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