Monday, April 24, 2006

Got bag?

I've always wondered what you were supposed to do with those bags that stems and seatposts come in. I guess that you could always use them to store other bike parts once the stem/post is installed but otherwise they seem pretty useless. I guess though if you have to choose between a box that you throw away and a nifty bag that you might be able to find a use for, the bag does make a bit more sense. Well, yesterday I got bored and decided to see exactly what they could be used for.

maybe a hat? nope, her grape is too big.

How about a place to keep my, I mean Brynna's, toys?

Maybe not.

Anybody got any ideas???


Matt DeMeis said...

Looks like the perfect place to store all that free Greyhound Juice!!! And you won't get any stray juice on other things in your gear 'bag'. Like your Chamois, that could result in having a painfully hot 'bag'. So it's like "got bag, not hot bag!". Time to go home and have a beer. sheesh!

Jason said...

I vote for hat. Clearly the best/cutest.

Greyhound Juice: How long do you give me before I accidently put the warming gel on the chamois? OR under my arms? I just KNOW it's gonna happen.


rick said...

you guys crack me up.