Thursday, April 27, 2006

Fly like an eagle

I had another sweet ride home yesterday once again hitting all of the trails on the way. Everything is in great shape so far this spring with hardly any mud to speak of. We’ve got some rain in the forecast for the beginning of next week but with how dry things are, I’m sure that they trails will fare well. I am now officially digging the Dos Niner, I’ve been riding it on some very tight twisty singletrack which probably isn’t its strong point but it seems to eat it up so well and whenever I hit a rough, rooty, rocky section it just rolls right on through. The difference really is night and day between a 26” wheel. There is one short trail in particular that I don’t ride often that has a bunch of raised roots running in every direction across the trail that is the bane of my existence on my ss 26’er but the dos literally rolled right on through. Sure I felt the roots but the wheels didn’t get hung up on them. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the bike and I fare in the upcoming race season.

The road ride in this morning was very nice as well, 38 deg, clear and sunny. The coolest part though was spotting a couple of bald eagles chillin near the river. One was an adult with the full on white head and the other was a juvenile. I could tell because he was telling fart jokes.



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testing 1-2. testing 1-2.

Nice eagle. Freaking cool! I was gonna take a pict of a dead racoon yesterday, but didn't feel it worthy of photoblogging.

Got get me some bonk. I f-ed the El Santo's TT want to get it on the Dos before it's f-ed.