Monday, January 16, 2006

Thinking of doing this race this summer. Wanted to do the Wilderness 101 instead but it doesn't work with my race schedule. Maybe Jason knows of it since its sort of in his neck of the woods. Its put on by the same folks as the W101 which I've heard is great so it could be fun, plus, I've never ridden in PA before. Hmmm, methinks there might be a road trip in order for this summer.


Jason said...

The Wilderness 101 is in and around State College. I did that last year. Great time. If you can do it, I recomend it. The Shanandoha 100 takes place in Virginia. Never did that one. Heard it's just as top notch as the 101. Both have a TON of climbing.

I have race report of the 101 on the bikeman team site it you want to check it out. I'll be doing the 101 again unless I decide to go to Wisconsin for the Solo Nationals.

Can't go wrong with either.


rick said...

It would be nice if they told you it was in VA on the front page. Being from Maine, I've heard of Shannon Doherty but don't really know where her peak resides. Anyway, I'd prefer to do the wilderness 101 but its the same weekend as one of our biggest races so can't miss that. Bummer. It'd be cool to have someone to ride with part of the way.

Jason said...

That would have been cool. There's another racer from WV that I've been e mailing with. Jesse Stevens. I think he's new to the team this year. We could have dragged him along too. Coulda had a Bikeman peleton going on dirt!

Later. Gotta go check out
Shannon Doherty's peaks.


gwadzilla said...

the Shenandoah Mountain 100 is awesome!
the weekend around it
the course
the support on the course

put it on your calendar!

for those that race it
it tends to be a highlight of the year
for those that volunteer
it tends to be a highlight for the year

I have never done the Wilderness 101
I think that they are a bit different
less orientiering in the SM100

lots of climbing....
some stellar technical descents
a wonderfully designed course

the words of a midpack racer
take them as you will

gwadzilla said...