Monday, January 16, 2006

Weekend recap

Another good ride home from work on Friday.  It was about 40 by the time that I hit the road so it was pretty nice.  Of course, with the sun down, the temp started to drop quickly and as a result my choice in hand wear became suspect but otherwise all was good.  The amazing fast dog didn’t chase me this time either but I was ready for him.  He’ll probably wait until some night that I’m not paying attention before he strikes again.  I also set a new p.r. for the ride.  Of course, I’ve only done the ride three times now and I’m still in pretty bad shape so the p.r.’s will probably keep on a-coming.  Didn’t get a chance for any real riding over the weekend but I did get in some trainer time and did the cyclo-core circuit again.  On Sunday, my legs were sore, abs not so much now so I guess I’ll have to kick it up a notch next time.


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