Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Nothing good

Nothing to write about so here is today’s work menu:

1 plum
3 granny smith apples
10 prunes
Large handful of baby carrots
Quiche (homemade by marcy last night with spinach, turkey bacon and mushrooms)
Small handful of mixed nuts
1 non-fat yogurt
1 chocolate biscotti

Overall it’s a pretty healthy menu except of course for the biscotti and the bacon but you’ve gotta cut yourself some slack right?  If I don’t have a little something every day, I’ll end up pigging out and really screwing the pooch.

Speaking of the pooch, I plan on taking him down to dodge point tonight.  I don’t usually go there because of all of the hikers but this time of year, they’ve cleared out by 5 since its pitch black out by then.  Should be fun.


gwadzilla said...

bring a Petzel
I hike with my dogs at night all the time
actually it is not uncommon for me to hike with my dogs and my two toddler aged sons
everyone but the dogs with the Petzels
for 30 bucks your hiking experience will change forever

also great for night XC Skiing or night sledding

or finding your keys
or as a backup for night rides
will get you off the trail
or good for a repair rather than burning out an HID battery

rick said...

I actually have a couple of head lamps, no petzel though. currently I carry a small led flashlight just in case.