Friday, January 27, 2006

Can you say mucus?

Still sick damnit!  I did manage to get out for a walk yesterday afternoon and this morning to clear my head but that is about it.  Head colds suck but at least I’m not doing my impression of a double ended party favor like I did a month or so ago.  That was pure agony, but at least it was over with quickly.  I actually got a full nights sleep last night since wifey took the bullet with Brynna last night for me.


Jason said...

You pick up the parts? I', sooooo f-ing geeked to hear about it. Letmeknow. Think I'm going this rout + the El Santo. Y'know theres' another 100 miler in Ohio in June. You around? Maybe get that Kat from down in WV. Get a red and black train goin. HA!

Keep us posted ont the build.


rick said...

no parts yet, I wasn't able to get there saturday so I'm going to wait until my rims and new lights are in and scoot over to pick up the first batch. gotta start building them wheels!