Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Yesterday was uneventful. I got a nice 30 min hike in with the pooch in the a.m., came home from work and did a cyclo-core workout while listening for the baby (who we're trying our damndest to get to sleep in her crib) and then got in another 40 mins of trainer/stretching afterwards while B-girl slept. Not exactly building a huge base right now but at least I know that when things start to work out and I'm able to get longer rides in, my body should be ready for it. I should at least have strong legs and core muscles considering these cyclo-core workouts are kicking my ass.

Seem to be coming down with a head cold right now, cough, stuffy, congested, sore throat. You name it up there and I've got it. Not being able to get a full nights sleep doesn't help matters either when it comes to kicking this sucker. Oh well, such is life.

Gonna be picking up a bunch of the parts for the Dos Niner this weekend. Can't wait.


Jason said...

Damn you for getting me thinking about a Dos Niner!!! I was all set to get an Oh-Six El Santo, NOW I have to decide if I'm gonna sell my old Fox fork, and wheelset to get a Reba-29er and Salsa rims. UGGG! I know I probably end up with the El Santo, but I hate having to make these descisions. Again- damn you. Keep me posted on the build.

rick said...

I do what I can to help.