Friday, January 13, 2006


Wifey, oops I mean Santa, got me the Cyclo-Core DVD/CD's for Christmas. Initially I thought that it would be a video to watch while on the trainer but it turns out that its actually all off the bike exercises designed to build and strengthen your core muscles, legs and upper body and promote flexibility. Its actually turned out to be great. Having the new baby around the house hasn't allowed me to get to the gym in the winter as I usually so but cyclo-core has filled that gap. In anywhere between 15mins and 45 mins you can get one killer workout. The other night I did the ab workout and that dude had me begging for mercy. Seriously, if you can get through that whole workout without taking a rest, you're my hero. I was crying like a little girl. The body weight exercises rock too because all you need is a physioball and floor space. Good deal. It also has a set of workouts using dumbells but to be honest, with how worked I feel after the non-weighted workouts it'll be a while before I try it with weights. Hey, this is starting to sound like an info-mercial isn't it? They actually also have some 12 week offseason training plans that I would love to get my hands on but all my jing right now is going to the dos build. Maybe next year.

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Jason said...

I saw this in a mag. Sounds cool.