Friday, January 04, 2013

 Out With The Old

For how many years I can't remember, I've bee using a pair of trusty Gaerne winter riding shoes on both my mountain bikes and road bike to keep my toechies warm and snugly during winter riding.  They served me well but after what must be ten years of considerable use (if you are a reader of this blog, you know that my typical riding volume only slightly decreases over the winter) they have finally shit the bed.  First, the outers got cut which allowed snow and water to enter the inner sanctum so a pair of Pearl Izumi shoe covers were added.  As we all know, shoe covers for winter mountain bike riding are about as durable as Lindsay Lohan's nose in a coke house.  First, the toes ripped out from walking in the snow so much (as one is required to do a fair amount of in the winter) so duct tape was added, multiple times.  Then, the arches ripped out so yet more duct tape was added.  Then, the zippers shit the bed so velcro straps were put to work.  And, all this time, the shoes seemed to be losing their magical feet keeping warm ability as the inner liners disintegrated.

 when they were young'uns
oh, the memories
The Gaerne's were expensive but well worth it when you spread the cost out on a per ride basis.  I'm guessing that they might have run me 20c a ride.  Probably less actually.  A very worth investment for winter comfort, but, time marches on and given my current mobility issues (I have extreme difficulty reaching the right side of my right foot) making these shoes/covers hard to put on and the general shitty state of the shoes, I decided it was high time for something new.

Sooooo, in walk my new Lake MXZ303's.   These bad boys sport a rugged (and soft) Vibram sole so the winter trudges should be more enjoyable, a Boa lace system that is super easy for me to operate given my flexibility issue and a wealth of impressive sounding words about how they keep your feet warm.   

"water-repellent PITTARDS"? Is it getting hot in here?  "OUTLAST liner"  you know all the right things to say.  "water-repellent AIRPRENE shaft"  my shaft is getting more water-repellent by the second.  "toe box with THINSULATE insulation"  Holy Shit!  "THERMASOL insole interrupts the cold bridge between pedal/cleat" Ahh, that was nice.

Time will tell how these new togs treat me but their maiden voyage was sweet so I've got nothing but high hopes (and soiled underwear). 


Anonymous said...

WOW! I have missed reading your blog, and only just recently remembered about it. Glad to hear that you're back out being active and the hip is healing.

Enjoy the Maine snow,
Good health in this new year from Colorado

rick is! said...

thanks May. I hope you're having fun in colorado.