Monday, January 21, 2013

DOG Is My Co-Pilot 

I rarely take Autumn riding with me these days.  Mostly because she has too much hound in her and I lack the training ability to keep her close without having my eye on her every second.  If I don't pay attention for 10 seconds and she gets on a scent, she'll be gone for 10-20 minutes.  When I take her running, I can keep a closer eye on her and call her back in a much more timely manner but that's hard to do on the bike.  But since I can't run right now I've been taking her out with some (minimal) success.  At least where we live, there is minimal chance of her getting into any trouble since we have hundreds of wooded acres behind the house and all of the neighbors are on the opposite side of the road.   She may not be the best trained dog around but at least she's not getting fat...

This weekend, I made it out on the Mukluk 3 days in a row.  Each time for less than 1.5 hours but damn it felt good.  I'm starting to feel some semblance of fitness coming back ever so slowly and my hip flexibility is steadily (and very slowly) improving as well. 

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