Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Shower Time 

The day last week that I left the hospital, I insisted on taking a shower since they had an almost handicap shower with rails and a chair available and I didn't know when I'd have another chance for a shower since our only shower currently resides on the second floor.

The first few days at home, I subsisted with wet washcloth and baby wipe wipedowns. It wasn't long though that we realized that something had to happen and soon; all night sweats and lots of couch time had given me a serious case of swamp ass as well as a general body funk.

Like the good, sexy nurse that she is, Marcy headed off to buy me a solar shower so I could get my suds on out on the front porch. Oh glory be was it delectable!

 had to keep the undies on because even though we live in the 
boonies, we have a 6 yr old in residence

 the ducks patiently waited their turns

the only thing that would make this pic sexier is if I had long 
flowing hair to toss around instead of a nipple beard.
Hopefully indoor showers will be doable soon but, for now, this will allow Marcy (and anybody else) to be near me without being personally offended.


jeff said...

what's up with the ducks!? that's great. i think the one on the right is giving you the hairy eyeball, or just looking at your hairy nipples.

Metro said...

Rick, Dude I've been a stranger lately and missed a lot! Sorry to read about your accident. Like Bad Brains say "Gotta keep that PMA!" I'm glad to see you are on the road to recovery. I'm bouncing back from a similar incident myself; road bike wreck at 40+ MPH -Broken collar bone, fractured hip, road rash then 9 weeks later on my first real training ride back on the bike I went OTB and broke all of the cartilage out of my nose and scored some more rash. Watch out for whiskey and pain killers it's a friendly mix. Glad to see we both got away without breaking a neck or spine.

Heal fast brother!

Miff said...

Rick! Good to see you home...... hope the pain is under control..... looks like you have some feathered recovery friends already. This will pass soon....well actually probably in a nice geared up state.... ;-) Seriously tho, know how it feels, been there and been checked out in recovery with pain and haze of days..... I'll collect some ST for ya on the weekend. Miff ;-)

rick is! said...

yikes Metro. be careful with yourself!

thanks miff!