Monday, August 13, 2012

An Explanation 

It occurred to me over the weekend that I didn't really explain my injury very well over the last two weeks.  Sure, I gave a brief description but I feel a better one is required.  I blame it on all of the pain meds.

A broken hip is a fairly common injury (who doesn't have a grandparent who broke a hip?) and generally heals pretty quickly and easily (assuming you don't have underlying health issues).  Unfortunately for me, I like to turn things up a notch and do things right so I had to fracture my femoral head in a unique way.  The normal direction of a hip fracture is helped by muscle movement with the muscles actually pulling the bone back together facilitating healing.  In some cases, this allows folks with broken hips to walk (tentatively) within a week or so.  Me?  I had to get creative and break my hip at a odd angle so that every time I use my leg, it pulls the bone apart.  This means 6-8 weeks of non-weight bearing.  Awesomeness.   Did I mention it's my right hip so I can't drive either?  Extra awesomeness!

To be honest, while what I described above sucks, the real suckiness revolves around my long term prognosis.  There are two possible "issues" that might crop up.  In the next few months, I'll know if the bone is going to heal properly or not.  Yes, that's right, because of the nature of the break, it may never heal which would require me to have a hip replacement late this fall (and then going through all this non-weight bearing nonsense again).  Secondly (and of most concern) is that even if my hip does heal, there is a chance that the bone will die within 24 months because of compromised blood flow again requiring a hip replacement.

That's a long time to think.

You may wonder why my surgeon didn't just do a hip replacement while they had a chance.  Good question.  The reason is that because of my age, if the hip does in fact heal properly, having my own hip is best for the long haul (fake hips have a life span as well as some limitations).

So that this post isn't all about doom and gloom (whoa is me!), I'll also grace you with this sweet video of my rocking a power buggie at Home Depot last week.  Drove the ladies wild!


Miff said...

Rick, Awww dude..... well, so much awesomeness going on....not sure what to say....but surrender to the process of heal, good meds help...and cross bridges when they come re hip replacement AND you absolutely own that power buggie like a BOSS. Sending healing hippy thoughts your way.... Miff ;-x

rick is! said...

thanks miff. keeping it light...