Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Smitten Again 

This spring my buddy Kevin and I had come to terms to sell him my El Mariachi frame, fork, stem and bars for $125. A number I felt was kinda low but a good friend deal. Eventually, though Kevin changed his mind and I was "stuck" with two single speeds again.  Last week, after the Carbon-opolise, I hastily swapped a bunch of parts over to the Mariachi so I'd have a back-up bike for the father's day weekend camping adventure.  Then, on Saturday, I went out for a 2-hour hill fest with Kevin on the Mariachi (my first real single speed ride in over a year) and couldn't have been happier.  Sure, I was being immensely punished by the rigid fork on some of the relentless rooty trails but I was able to climb just about everything and riding single again allowed my manliness coefficient to tick up another notch or two (pretty important since my daughter almost caught me shaving my legs in the tub the other day.  at least I had already turned off the Kenny G and blown out the candle).  It's only 5 weeks (egad!) before single speed usa so it's about time I get serious about not sucking on this bike.

Sure am glad I hung onto the old girl.

ever wonder what power bar energy blasts look like after going through
 a wash/dry cycle?  well, wonder no longer.  they were probably 
still edible-ish but I couldn't bring myself to eat more than a nibble.


CB2 said...

Good stuff!
Soon you'll be giving your daughter tips for shaving around the knee (as I have).

rick is! said...

or she can give me tips. the front and back of my knees are my arch nemesis'