Tuesday, May 08, 2012

We Have a Weiner! 

Right before the end of yesterday's polling of "what's new on my bike", Tim snuck in the winning answer and is now the proud new owner of absolutely nothing but a little more self respect (which he can use lots of) and pride in a job well done. Tim correctly guessed that I had new rims on the bike. More specifically, I have a whole new wheelset on the bike. Some fancy, schmancy Carver carbon rims mated to DT 240s hubs. My heart is all a twitter.

For their maiden voyage (and probably the first race next weekend) I mounted them up with a set of new Panaracer Rampages I had hanging in the bike closet. The rampages + some stans juice + bontrager rim strips = instant tubeless success. The tires/rims immediately held air and required the least amount of shaking/spinning to finish the job of any tubeless setup I've ever done. Four days and three hours of riding later and they don't seem to have lost any psi's. Golden.

Before getting the rims, I was afraid that I'd have constant concern about dinging the rims but I'm happy to say that not once while I was blasting through rock gardens yesterday was I even the least bit concerned and their stiffness, tubelessness and slight weight reduction from my other wheelset were welcome. It's too early to give a real report just yet but, so far, I'm happy.

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Miff said...

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaa.,..... I was foiled by the shinyness....needs more dirt ;-) But I totally zenned in your seat post.....;-)