Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Earth Day 

Earth Day was Sunday but it was supposed to be pissing rain all day so I decided to do my deed to the planet by doing trail work and instilling a love of being outside with my daughter and a couple of her friends on Saturday instead.  A quick trip to the Schmid Preserve for some trail work and a nice walk were in order.  Mission accomplished.

I figured that it being Earth Day and all, I'd show how I re-purposed my Kona King Kahuna bike box.  Kids love big cardboard boxes and I like doing shit with utility knives.  Match made in heaven (as long as the kid isn't already in the box...)

On the actual Earth Day, I did what any self respecting hack bike racer would do, I mounted up 3 tubeless wheels.  Two of the wheels are Marcy's new Hope P2/Stans Crest wheels that I just built up and one was an experiment with my Easton wheels.  They aren't technically tubeless compatible but I found that they aired up quite easily with a stans 26'er rim strip and just a bit of fiddling.  I initially tried some 29'er strips but they were far too loose.  I haven't ridden them yet but two days later they still have air.  I consider that a success.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Rick for taking the kids, Owen and Rachel had lots of fun!