Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Starting 2012 off Right

The tail end of 2011 sucked mass quantities of monkey ballz in every ride department.  As a result, I'm trying to get a good start in 2012.  The unseasonably warm temps over the weekend meant that a trail ride wasn't a great idea (sunday at least) so, instead, B and I got to work building a bridge for an endo promoting quagmire near the house.  A perfect project for a guy and his best girl.

As usual, B had the perfect attire for the occasion.  
She makes safety glasses and ear muffs look good.

Part way done and ready to be hauled into the woods.  Notice Autumn 
being a big help by trying to steal the hammer...

  The angle allows for a "huck" from the rock on the right 
hand side, a massive 18" drop. 
Then on Monday (I had the day off mercifully) I headed out for a road ride to grab the company car where I had stashed it on Thursday (a colossal lack of planning required it to be left in the DEP parking lot in Augusta over the weekend).  I knew that I was in bad shape so I decided to take er easy and try to enjoy the 40+ degree day but I wasn't prepared for how badly out of shape I was truly in. The 30-ish mile ride turned into my own little torture chamber with me literally CRAWLING up all of the hills.  I hope this isn't a sign of things to come this year otherwise the back side of the elite fields is going to be even lonelier than initially anticipated.

Yeah!  The Augusta line, only about a mile to go!

That's Amhigh in the background (the state's old mental institute 
and now home of state employees.  hmmm, just about the same really) 
in the background.

That combined with a few trail runs and a massive mountain bike epic (read: 1/2 hour) to capture some video footage (to be released in a few days) and things are off to a start (not sure how great it is yet) for 2012.

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