Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Making Ground

Not wanting to let a good thing go to waste, we made sure that B got out again this past weekend to continue her bike riding practice (and to make sure she didn't forget how to do it come spring). Like a champ, she got on and was riding in no time and me being the blogging genius that I am (obviously), I thought to put my new camera on her handle bars to capture her expressions. To say that she seems happy to be riding would be a massive understatement. Even I don't smile that much while riding and Ricky just L-O-V-E-S riding.

Speaking of making ground, last week I made it out for a ride with the Bathers and just like my recent ride with CDog, I was not too impressed with my performance. Like, next to last in a pack of ten performance. Sad. Just as sad as my on the bike performance was the performance of the groups bikes. I can't remember the exact details but within the first two miles we had three broken chains, one broken derailleur and a flat tire. Two miles of riding in 40 minutes! Yikes.

two bikes being worked on at once

 well lookey here, yet another broken chain later in the ride...
The good news is that I made it out for three whole rides last week, commuted this morning, am mountain biking home tonight so things should turn around.

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