Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Things are still progressing here in Racin Rick land (that would be the most awesome adventure park ever with dirty chamois rides, saddle sore lancing, scab picking; basically all of the classics).  I haven't exactly started "training" but I have been able to up my riding a bit.  I still die after about 1.5 hours but I have to start somewhere and start I have.  All told, according to Endomondo, I had a total of 7.5 hours of active time (riding, running and core work) last week.  Not outstanding but a good start and something to build on.

I've also started to look at the 2012 schedule.  A tentative EFTA schedule has been posted:

20-May  NECS - Weeping Willow - MA
3-Jun  NECS - Big Ring Rumpus - NH
17-Jun  NECS - Pinnacle - NH
8-Jul  NECS - Moody Park - NH
15-Jul  NECS - Maine Sport Run-Off - ME
22-Jul  NECS - Harding Hill - NH
22-Jul  Carrabassett Back Country Challenge - ME
19-Aug  Hampshire 100 - NH
26-Aug  NECS - Treasure Valley Rally - MA
23-Sep  NECS- Rock the Ridge - CT

I plan on doing most of the series though I do expect to miss a couple of races as work and life come along.  One race of note this year that I used to love but haven't done in a while is the Hampshire 100.  It started out as a 100k cross country race but, for this year, they have been added to the National Ultra Endurance series and have upped the mileage to 100.  I'm sure I'll suffer like a dog as there will surely be some seriously heavy hitters from around the country there but it should be fun and with the 50-60 mile carrabassett 50 a month prior, I'll have a good primer for the event.


More obsessing to come.

Speaking of obsessing, I've finally started to re-build Marcy's wheels to make them tubeless.  She's been running my old Hope P2's with salsa rims.  I love the hubs but those first generation rims are noodly and refuse to be set up tubeless so I've decided to switch them out for some Stan's Crest rims.  Lighter, stiffer and tubeless, she should be happy.  Plus (and this is a big plus) it gives me a chance to practice my wheel building skills before I build up my new wheels for 2012.  The wheels that will be going on my here-to-fore unmentioned purchase.  A sexy new bit of carbon goodness is being added to the Nelson stable but you'll have to come back tomorrow to find out what it is.


Mike said...

Hey Rick, happy 2012, looks like you've got a solid lineup there. Too bad the Great Adventure Challenge's the day before the Hampshire 100. You should also consider adding a new race to the front end, The Battle at Burlingame mtb race. http://www.trimomprod.com/The_Battle_at_Burlingame.html
Might be a good practice race before the points series begins. Should be some fast guys there, too.

rick is! said...

crap, I forgot about that conflict! that's what kept me from doing the h100 last year as well. If I prepare well enough this year, maybe the run won't kill me so I can do both this year. at least I'll have an excuse to suck on Sunday.

Will said...

Carbon bits eh? Sounds exciting. I think I've got something new coming, too. No plastic, though. I've gone down that road and may not go back.
Hope all is well up north.

rick is! said...

your experience definitely gave me pause will but I figured I'd give it another shot...