Wednesday, November 23, 2011

De Ride!  De Ride!

Thanks to the marvel of modern combustion engines, last week I was able to leaf blow about 6 miles of trail in under three hours.  Enough trail clearage to make a group ride from my place viable.

Who wouldn't want to ride this?

or this?

thank you Mr. Stihl
I successfully lured 6 southern maine folks to make the arduous (apparently since getting them up here is as difficult as wrestling a twinkie from the hands of Ralphie May) 1 hour drive up to my place and we enjoyed near perfect conditions with temps in the 50's, clear skies, clearish trails and only a modest amount of mud.

Fun was had, trails were ridden, mocking was prolific and the endo's were abundant.  Everybody except for yours truly spent some time over the bars.  Thankfully, after missing the photo-op for one endo, I was set up properly for the next.

DA, welcome to Edgecomb

sadly, the next endo prone spot didn't supply any.  

shortly after, while JSA (just standing around) Forrest's tire popped off and we got to witness a tube trying to wrestle free from it's internment while we covered our ears in wait for the impending explosion...

it's pot rock, not to be confused with a pet rock. 
It does look cuddly though.

Danzy Pansy Puddin Pie got the worlds largest stick caught between
his wheel and seat stays.  Impressive.
and afterwards we stuffed our faces with the world's best guacamole (mine), black bean salsa, lots-o beer and some very over done burgers. 

look ma, still no upper cabinets!

See y'all next time.


Linda said...

That is so cool. I definitely live in the wrong part of the east coast. Jersey has a lot to offer but nothing compares to the woods in the upper northeast.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and I thank you for making me laugh at your many escapades!

Alby King said...

Is that dude sitting on the rock bleeding at the knee? Win!

rick is! said...

I'm sure Jersey has SOMETHING cool to offer. Personally, I'm not sure what it is but I've never been there.

alby, that is infact blood. same spot that marcy nearly broke in two

I almost saw forrest cry. a guy who fights forest fires out west in the summer.