Tuesday, October 04, 2011

This and That

Gotz nothing today really except for a couple or random snippets.  Here is a video I made of B while we were playing in her swing set a couple of weeks back.  Lets ignore the fact that she was in her nightie, outside, in the middle of the day and instead focus on her lovely singing and me getting my (getting) fat ass stuck in the tunnel towards the end.  YouTube gold right here folks.

And, how about a couple pics of yours truly since you haven't seen my smiling face in a while.  Plus, Alby needs some new wallpaper material for his computer... creepy little stalker he is.

and in case I don't do it for you, a pic of Marcy

and in case you're really into weird shit, how about one of the pooch.  sorry, nothing for you chicken fuckers today...

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Jason said...

video = brilliant.