Monday, August 15, 2011

Where Have I Been

Worry not folks.  I haven't given up blogging, I've just given up on finding time to blog what with work being even crazier than it has been and us being on vacation most of last week.  Have you ever noticed that the act of getting ready to go on vacation and then catching up after vacation totally negates going on vacation?  If it wasn't for needing to spend more time with Marcy and B I would probably never go anywhere...

Anyway, I've got no time to write about the cool rides I did last week or the race that I have coming up this weekend.  The one that I set all sorts of AMAZING records in last year (and if nobody shows up again this year I might be able to hold onto them...).  But I feel like I need to post something so here are a few photos taken by my daughter while on the trip to Vermont last week.  Enjoy.

photo of a camera.  how artistic

nice socks

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