Thursday, August 04, 2011


It's been one full week since my chapped ass has touched saddle leather (are saddles still made of leather? Hold on a minute while I go smell mine...ok back. I guess I'm not exactly sure what leather smells like but if it's supposed to smell faintly of ass and menthol than it's definitely leather). I'm not quite sure how a whole week has passed, especially since early last week was so stellar riding wise, but it has and I'm rejoicing in the fact that (weather permitting) I'll be working on irritating those saddle sore scabs from the Carrabassett 50 tonight at Bradbury.

One week with no riding leaves me with precious little to write about so instead I'll drop some family frolic photos on you from this past weekend's time at the lake.

B and I swimming under the pontoon boat.

B won't eat a lot of normal food but throw a smoked mussel 
in garlic butter in front of her or some other weirdo thing and it's game on.

Look a loon!  We must be tourists...

me executing a spectacular belly flop in a rousing game of dibble dabble

the grill meister for the day, Todd

and B's new man.  at least until he hits junior high 
and then they won't see each other ever again...

and the biggest news from the weekend.  B has been learning to swim all summer but has never felt comfortable going in water over her head because she generally only swims a few feet at a time.  Well, on Sunday, she needed to hang off the side of the boat to take care of business and decided to go for a swim in 30' of water.  Why not?


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rick is! said...

You must be a fan of "best in show" otherwise you wouldn't know todd... ;)

Jonny Bold said...

"Saddle sore scabs".......Mmmmmm