Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Ye Olde

I visited a couple of my old stomping grounds over the weekend.  Ride one was a visit to the "trails" in St. George State park up in my old hood.  The intertubes led me to believe that there were 3-5 miles of trail in addition to the multitude of four wheeler/snowmobile trails in the area.  I'd ridden the double track years ago a couple of times and had enjoyed myself so I figured that since I'm now armed with a gps, finding the single track was a doable option.  Sadly, the definition of single track in that area is a bit questionable (not surprising considering how few riders there are to use trails in those parts) but the fourwheeler trails were still pretty fun except for the constant wondering if the trail that I was on was ever going to turn in the direction I needed to go.  I desperately didn't want to do an out-and-back ride so I continued on and on and on for what felt like forever and finally, when I decided to go around one more corner before turning back, I came to a T in the trail that took me where I wanted to go.  Phew.  This may sound overly dramatic but you have to realize that there was a lake, my family and beer drinking waiting for me when I got back...

giant lollipop

Ride number two was one of my favorite old road loops.  A trek that takes me up and around Damariscotta lake, a hilly 50 mile loop.  Wish there was a clever anecdote for this one but there isn't.  Only a beautifully sunny day around 80 degrees.  Not much to say but YIPPEE!

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