Thursday, June 02, 2011

Rick 1, KillBill 56

KillBill and I made it out for the Wednesday night CSC road beat down last night.  A luxurious affair that typically involves lots sweating, groaning, cramping and burning.  No, not sex and not the morning after a burrito fest either but, instead, a massive weekly eye opening session as to just how fast dudes can be on a road bike and how comparatively slow I am.

This week's turnout was somewhat low.  That's probably because there were severe thunderstorms all across the state and multiple reports of tornadoes.  Sissies.  I kept my eyes tuned to and when it came time to leave for the ride, the last cell was just passing north of Brunswick so I hightailed it out to get my hurt on.  I was running late (as usual) so I did the not even remotely smart changing in the car (how would you explain that to a cop if you got pulled over?  totally naked with spandex and a tub of white cream riding co-pilot?  still probably better than getting into an accident in those circumstances though.  HELLO NATIONAL SEX OFFENDER LIST!  HERE I COME!) while driving in nearly bumper to bumper traffic thing and got to the shop with negative minutes to spare.  It looked like KB had already left so I jumped on the bike and literally time trialed it to the CSC getting there with seconds to spare.  So much for an easy warm-up.

Anywho, we roll out with Jeff, KB and myself in the front a 4? others pulling up the rear.  It wasn't five minutes into the ride before we had lost the other 4? riders.  Did I mention this is a ruthless ride?  20 minutes later, with Jeff taking 33 mph pulls, I got shit out of the back at the crest of a climb.  It was much too early to lose them so I dug in (and they slowed a bit) and I caught them a few minutes later.  Ten minutes after that we came to the longest hill of the day and, long story short, I got shit out the back again.  This time because Jeff and KB were having a dick measuring contest in front of me, staring each other down and literally sprinting up the hill.  (for the record, I'm guessing I was sporting an innie at that point)  Game over.  I watched them slowly slip away.

I hoped that we'd regroup at the 1/2 way point as we usually do but as I pulled in I saw that KB and Jeff had kept going.  Drat.  I caught a glimpse of someone up the road and dug in to try to catch them before we turned into the massive headwind.  I ended up catching KB in short order.  A few days off the bike and starting off at the pace we did left him with dead legs.  I got on the front and tried to pull him along for a while but after a couple of minutes I looked back and he was 1/4 mile behind me.  THAT NEVER HAPPENS.  I don't often get the opportunity to beat KB these days so I took the opportunity seriously (even if he wasn't) and time trialed my ass straight into the headwind and finished the ride all by my lonesome.

Endomondo Cycling Workout: "was out cycling 54.74 miles in 3h:02m:51s using Endomondo."

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