Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where the Rubbah Meets the Road

This weekend is the Pinnacle. A frickin-a fun race in the heart of nowheresville new hampster. Just a hop, skip and a jump from central bumble fuck.  It's the race that I started to kind of pull it together last year with a semi respectable finish (I think in the top 5 experts overall but I'm too lazy to look it up) and then continued to improve from there finishing off the season with an overall victory and getting the overall title by the skin of my teeth.  After the start of my season this year, I can only hope that this year follows suit.  To be honest, most of my "bad luck" in the last two races has been somewhat self inflicted (what luck isn't?) so I'm hoping I can bring my A game mentally and hope my physical game is at least in the ball park because this is the type of race course that, at least on paper, I should do well on.  A good amount of climbing, a little bit of tech and lots of swoopy corners (which I now think I'm proficient on).

To be safe, I've been trying to prep by going to the Camden Snow Bowl for my weekly mountain bike fix.  The Snow Bowl and Pinnacle are similar in many ways.  They both have a bunch of climbing and they both offer single track.  Ok, that's only two ways but it's the best I've got.  The climbing at the bowl is way harder, the trails are way more technical and you're much more likely to get struck by lightning (thought I was going to last week when I was caught in a fast moving storm while I was exposed near the summit) but it'll have to do.  Plus it's a fun place to ride so I'm not exactly suffering as a result.

Marcy and I have also booked a spa weekend at the (somewhat local to the race) Mountain Edge Resort.  So, two nights in a two bedroom suite (why the extra bedroom you ask?  maybe it's because I annoy the fuck out of Marcy but you'll never know...), a credit at the spa (maybe a ballzilian wax?) and the opportunity to pre-ride the course on Saturday is at least the recipe for a good showing.  We'll see if I add the ingredients in the proper order...

So, what of the winery photos?  Well, Marcy and I attended a swank-ish party at Cellardoor Winery this weekend and had the opportunity to get a tour of the inner workings.  Marcy got so excited when she saw the barrels of booze that she could help but run up and start licking them.  My woman is a class act all the way!

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Alby King said...

If Marcy isn't French - she has mastered the requisit subtle nuances..

Snow Bowl was my favorite race last year. Just a great all-around course. "Pinnacle plus, less the plunge"