Thursday, June 16, 2011

(semi) Urban Assault

Last night I had the pleasure of riding what I think was a version of Portland's Urban Assault.  I've seen mention of it tons of times on a Portland e-mail list that I'm on but never knew what they were talking about.  To be honest, I'm not sure if the ride we did last night was the actual urban assault route but it involved (in addition to some sweet single track) some pavement, some river side walking paths, some shit ass industrial parks and a bit of broken glass so we couldn't have been far off.

It still amazes me how fast Sparky and KillBill can ride some of that shit but it feels like I'm getting closer to holding their wheels so that's a plus.  The bummer though was that there were portions where a full sus would have been a huge benefit but with no new bike in my near future I guess I'll have to rely on my charm and charisma to tame the roughest sections.  Bring the sizzle.

 Here is a vid of Seb LAUNCHING A HUGE GAPPER on the 
ride last night. It doesn't look all that special on the video 
but you won't be seeing this boy doing that anytime soon...

Tonight will be another attempt at riding the Snow Bowl.  Hopefully there isn't a repeat of last week's thunder storms because I feel like I used up 7 of my nine lives last week.

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