Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's Just Pretend That Didn't Happen

Last night I threw down with the Brunswick road group. Or, to be more accurate, the brunswick road group threw me down. Hoo boy did they! I think my first mistake was to eat roughly 1-1 1/2 # of delicious, pink in the middle, steak two hours before the ride. I suspected it would be a bad idea but I didn't want to waste the delicious goodness and I had two hours before the ride so I figured no big whup. Forty minutes into the ride I realized the big whup though in the form of debilitating stomach cramps. When the cramps subsided (and other things ensued if you catch my drift (which many people did)) the legs were gone. Eventually, I watched a group of riders who I usually drop drop me. Sad, sad days.

The good news is that I got two solid hours of riding before I totally imploded and one hour of what I like to consider mental toughening as I struggled back to the car.

Tonight is a mountain bike ride with some of the Bathers, this time on my turf followed by bbq'd meat, beer (not bbq'd) and my homemade quac.  Yummers.  Can't wait.


Miff said...

I'm impressed at:
a) You actually got on yr bike with the maximum protein experience of animal flesh undergoing digestion,
b) The dropper got dropped... humility prevailing, and
c) One hour of mental strength before i'm assuming some major exorcism of said animal flesh.
Seal of Awesomeness. Nice work.
BTW what is quac.

rick is! said...

I'm not sure why my comment from the weekend never showed up so here goes again.

Guac is short for guacamole. one of my specialities. and I think the steak is still with me...