Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Today is Marcy's and my (is that right???) 9th anniversary.  Marcy doesn't know it yet, but she's in the middle of the longest, most soul crushing, ass cheek chaffing ordeal of her life.  Think of it like a 24 hour race.  You start off full of excitement, joy and wonder.  Half way through you are hating life and anything about it and by the end you're just happy to be done.  That's Marcy's experience in a nut shell.  She may have known what she was getting into but did she really KNOW what she was getting into?  Me thinks not.  If you think my writing style is annoying you should see what my living style is like. 

Hang in there babe.  Love you!


Alby King said...

She knew.

Jason said...

Right on. Congrats! Wifey and I are coming up on 14 years in a month or so, and everyday I feel like she will realize my "living style." Keep it up, Marcy seems pretty swell.

rick is! said...

yeah, she did know and that's why I'll never change.

Miff said...

Wow - nice work you pair. I mean, awesome you Marcy! And Marcy rides MTB....which is pretty cool.