Friday, April 01, 2011

That's More Like It

Around 2 1/2 hours on the road last night, most of it with KillBill.  Good freaking time.  We hit up one of the hillier loops in the area and just drilled it, averaging just a whisker under 20mph for the ride.  It hurt, hurt really bad.  At one point, near the end of the ride, I stood to push quickly over a little rise and was immediately forced to sit down as the quads screamed in agony.  KillBill may be a bit on the meaty side :) but he can put the hurt on and any ride we do together turns into a hammer fest.  Just what I need especially since I think KB is gunning for me this year on the race course.  Better get my ass in gear.


X-train time: 7:00
Ride time: 10:00
Ride distance: 95 miles

Total x-train time: 34:45
Total ride time: 47:45
Total distance: 431 miles

Weight: 188

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