Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm Not Dead

Just freakin busy. It's been a while since I've gone almost a week without posting but sometimes shit happens. Like lots and lots of shit. Get home at the end of the day and melt into a pile of poo type shit. That type of shit (and also the illness shit) led me to give the blog the ole f-u for a few days.

Now I'm back and still with very little time so here are some highlights.

Test rode my buddy Kev's Jet 9 last night.  I must say, it was a pretty sweet ride.  There was something a little weird about the front end handling but that can probably be explained away since Kev likes to ride a bit more upright than me and it had a set of skinny nokian studded tires mounted up.  The good news is that it climbed really well with no nasty bob while standing which means that the Jet is back in the mix.  As you all can guess from my recent posts, I'm way to wishy washy to make this type of decision without test riding the bike first.  I've also lined up a test ride on a Tallboy.  My last tallboy test ride left me uninspired but I still think that the rear shock was screwed up and that's what led to the lack luster performance.

The mukluk rides have been able to continue as of late.  With night time temps dropping well below freezing, things have been firming up enough to get morning rides in.  I won't complain even thought it's meant that the snow is taking a long ass freaking time getting the hell out of here.  Thankfully, we're not expecting another 3-6" of snow tomorrow.  Oh wait.  Yes we are.  Fuckers.
And now a couple of maps for Will C.

See here?  These are the Schmid Preserve trails accessible right from my house.

and this is the singletrack on and just off of my property

and these are the trails just across the street (ok, I couldn't find that map this morning but trust me, there are an additional 5 miles of trail over there).

so, willc, get your ass up here this summer.  Bring your mountain bike and we'll shred.


WillC said...

I'm honored! A post just for me! Unfortunately, your maps didn't show up on my computer(s).
The trails remain hidden to me....a mystery. I will see them/ride them someday.

rick is! said...

the pics should be fixed now.

Trevor Woodford said...

Shit gets to us all now and again....Dare I say it- but there are more important things in life than blogging. You have to live in order to have anything to blog about anyway....Take care....


rick is! said...

Take it back trevor. Nothing is more important than blogging

WillC said...

Nice. Now they're there. That looks like a fair amount of riding. Might have to make this happen. How long a ride is that if you string it all together?

rick is! said...

Close to three hours. Add a few miles of road and it becomes 5+.