Monday, February 07, 2011

Hope It's Not a Sign

This past Saturday night was EFTA's 2010 season's award ceremony. Despite the dismal showing in the "Win a Date With Racin Rick" contest (if I had asked marcy before attempting the whole dealio she probably would have warned me that even she doesn't want a date with me) I did have one solid entry from Ellen Noble who just so happened to be the women's overall winner for the season so I'll call it a success.  Sure, she's underage and she brought her boyfriend with her but a date is a date is a date.  Success!

I did manage to convince Ellen to be my teammate for the tryke race.  Something she is definitely regretting this morning.  Since we were both overall winners for 2010 we called our relay team "The Champs" when "The Chumps" would have been more appropriate.  My long legs and big feet weren't the winning recipe for the night but I grew up in a racing family (stock cars) and wasn't going to let a little ole thing like the woman I'm racing against being faster than me slow me down and ran over (quite literally) my round one competitor when she made a mistake in one of the four tight corners allowing Ellen to deliver us to round two.  In round two, I got the initial hole shot but got outsprinted to the first turn giving Ellen no chance to salvage a victory.  Oh well, early February fitness doesn't lead to summer success...

Ellen practicing before the big event.

Ellen's dad getting his butt kicked too.

and finally, Alby King representing Bikeman well with the final victory.


Alby King said...

B-Man race report worthy?

rick is! said...

yeah, start the year off right with Al. just give me video credit since I didn't contribute anything last year! :)

Anonymous said...

I've got photos and video of you racing with your "date" let me know how I can get it to you. (allowing others to mock your big feet and longs legs lack of ability on the trike)


rick is! said...

absolutely, shoot them along to