Friday, January 14, 2011

This Is Our Backyard

Oh wait, driveway first.  This was actually during the "blizzard" right before we took yesterday's video.  We used fresh snow for the video btw.  No shenanigans. 

How can you tell you are a grizzled Mainer?  When I woke up the other morning and was getting ready for work Marcy suggested I take the element since it's all wheel drive and has snow tires (she was home with B that day and didn't need a car).  I initially shrugged her off because how much trouble could a measly 12" of snow be?  In the end I did take the element (thus the video) but didn't take any boots, warm coat or even my cell phone; tough Mainer or just stupid idiot?  You be the judge.  Actually, if you've read this blog for long, you've long since formed your own opinion on that one...

OK, so this is our actual backyard.  Facing southwest everything, and I do mean everything, is coated in white.  Beautiful.

And this is what a dog, happy to have been rescued from the streets and a shelter, looks like.

Today is a road (with the studded out El Mariachi) commute.  This morning the legs felt better than they have in two weeks.  I've been dealing with some sort of "issues" that have involved a constant sore throat and general lethargy and I was starting to get a bit perturbed but, thankfully, things are moving again (in a phlegmy sort of way) so I hope to be 100% soon.

Run time: 45 minutes
Ride time: 1:00 mtb
Ride distance: 14 miles

Total time: 3:05
Total distance: 32 miles


the original big ring said...

stupid idiot

what? just saying . . . you said, "you be the judge" and judging others is what I do best.

snowblower, plow? how do you get your lane-way clear??

we are finally getting some snow today.

did you get your stickers? did i already ask you that?

did i have far too much coffee this morning????

rick is! said...

plow for now. 7' wide snowblower for next winter.

got the stickers. thanks chief!