Monday, January 17, 2011

Post Nasal Drip Blues

This suminobatchin, cork sucker of a cold-ish thingy that I have right now can just go ahead and bite me.  It's the weirdest thing.  I basically feel fine all day long (give or take a cough or two) and then shortly before bed start hacking up a lung which leads to a shitty night's sleep.  This can be great fun and a nice change of pace for a few days but two freakin' weeks?  Fargin' iceholes!

I had planned on doing a long mukluk ride on the local snomo trails over the weekend but said illness and one hell of a big tread/riser (that I was finishing) at the house put the kibosh to it.  For now, it will be only short rides without too much intensity until this stupid illness checks out.  Mukluk commute home tonight. 

That is all.

Run time: 1:40 minutes
Ride time: 000 mtb
Ride distance: 00 miles

Total run time: 2:50
Total ride time: 3:05
Total distance: 32 miles

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