Monday, November 22, 2010

This Is How Mainers Do It

Operation "Put the wood to 'er" is still in effect up in the land of Edges and Combs thus, no riding happened again this weekend. Marcy and I almost made it out for a mountain bike ride during an afternoon free of parental obligations but we decided on a hike with the pooch instead. A tired dog is a happy dog and a tired,happy dog leads to happy people with no pee puddles on their floor so that's what we did instead. On a biking note, Marcy and I stomped around in the woods in a primo area for potential mountain bike trails with lots of elevation change, ledges and drop offs. IF I ever have the time (and that is a gi-normous IF) I'll get some trails put in there. Until then, I'll just annoy people by talking about it constantly...

Anyway... we split a shit ton of wood this weekend, dropped a 50+ lb piece of wood on my ankle with lots of running around, making of funny noises and near tears for Marcy's benefit and generally made like our fore fathers in the days of yore (you'll have to read down a ways) and worked ourselves to the bone with hydraulic and gasoline assistance.

They had cable reel tables in the days of yore right?  Brynna is so studious 
these days and draws, writes and does workbooks all day.  Even outside...
she gets the dork from her mother and the ravishingly good looks and 
irresistible personality from me.  really.
Hmmm, that's a tough one!

The pile doesn't look that big but I'm a grower not a shower.  Too much???
(I need to know where the line is so that I can tip-toe across on occasion...)

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