Tuesday, November 30, 2010

brynna and autumn


I finally have photographic proof that cycling is still an integral part of my "lifestyle".  It's been 1 1/2 weeks since I touched a bike and I was getting extremely antsy as a result.  So antsy that I was considering changing the name of the blog from "Racin Rick" to "Runnin and Pilates Rick" but that doesn't have the same ring to it plus, I have no idea how to change my header and, even if I did know, I don't have any photo shop type editing paraphernalia to make such magic happen.  Maybe a certain Jason would like to help a brother out again??? :)   Anyway, eventually (maybe after the holidays) the riding schedule will get back on track or else I'll be sucking a big fat d*ck next season in the elite fields (as if I wasn't going to anyway!).

Things aren't bad in my world though.  After 3+ weeks with the new pooch, I'm finally feeling like she'll be a nice addition to the family.  I never really considered taking her back to the shelter but there sure were days that I thought about it.  Let's just say that a new house with clean carpets do not mix well with a stray puppy.  Just sayin.  What Autumn does have going for her is that B fucking LOVES her.  I mean, really LOVES her.  And, as everybody knows, that in the Nelson household the road to riches is paved in Brynna.  You get in with her and you're in for life. 

gonna eat that foot!
then chew on face
then make a quick retreat
and a quick nap.  Looks like you're safe pooch.


Alby King said...

Funny how that works. We have a cat "Mr Furley" who leaves his semi solid indiscretions just outside the litter box. Were it not for the relationship he fostered with our little one - he'd of been a foster cat a long time ago. Even that's a bit generous. We do have this Fisher Cat in the neighborhood...

rick is! said...

cats are vindictive little pricks. my guess is that you've pissed mr furley off somehow and this is his revenge. our cat used to stuff toys and towels into canned food that she disapproved of...

Miff said...

Well ditto too.
Good to see bike of riding of sorts too.
And of course very impressed with self portrait....me myself and I of course spend much time doing so....so NOICE.
And hello. Miss B and Ms Pooch.....Please.Stop.The.Cuteness!
(More of)'
Just divine.!