Wednesday, September 01, 2010

First Things First

Before I get to today's post, I'd like to clear things up.  Last week, when I posted the article about the off road tri, I did so without thinking about how it might come across.  Until last night, when my brother text'd me "what a pompous ass!".  I didn't know what he meant, so I gave him a call and he informed me that the whole "My main goal coming into the race was to have fun in a race format I’ve never competed in. I mainly race mountain bikes so, on paper at least, it looked like a race I could do well in,” Nelson said. “I go into any race I compete in with the goal of winning no matter how silly or impossible it may seem. I didn’t really expect to win, but I sure was shooting for it and was lucky enough that everything (except for the kayak) fell into place so that I could.”

What they failed to include in the article is that one of the reporter's questions was "what were your goals for the race?".  Instead, they posted the quote somewhat out of context and I come off looking like a pompous ass when the reality is that I'm a self depricating pompous ass.  Two TOTALLY DIFFERENT things.  I swear.  If you ever meet me and are lucky enough to really get to know me, you'll find out that I talk shit all of the time.  But (and that's a big butt), I bash myself just as much as I toot my own horn.  If I had a dollar for every time I've called myself a total douche at work I'd have at least enough money to buy a couple of douches (they cost a lot of money right???) and the reality is that I actually doubt my racing ability on a daily basis.  Yes, I know that I'm a decent cyclist when things fall into place but I've got lots of chinks in my armor.  Lots.  So, when I say that I go into every race to win it is simply a form of positive speach setting myself up for a good finish as opposed to a doomsday approach.

Wait!  You say?  I always say that I question my fitness before races?  It's true.  I do.  Especially this year but I still go into races believing that even if I'm not the most fit rider out there, if things fall together it might just be ok.

Woops.  Look at that, no time for more post.


Jason said...

You are like the Muhammad Ali of off road tri. Such 'tude. LOL! You worry too much.

rick is! said...

gotta be careful I don't come across as too much of an egotistical douche.