Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We've got some big doings going on in DamNelson land.  The B-bopper starts kindergarten tomorrow so we've spent the last two days jamming as much summer fun into our days as possible.  That explains the no blogging.  We're getting packed up to head to a waterpark this morning so this post will be a quickie as well.

My buddy Mike and I headed down to Mass-hole-chusettes on Saturday to pre-ride the course and visit with Mike's fam.  We were told in the course parking lot that this course was the hardest in the series.  Mike and I looked at each other and thought "we're from maine where rocks and roots rule supreme, this can't be THAT bad".  Well, I must say, it was pretty frickin rough.  Holy smokes. 

We rode one 9 mile lap in 1:16 (including stops for some mechanicals) and had to admit, this was a tough course but it looked to be fun come race day.

after riding we headed to the Roy's.  A very welcoming bunch.

mike was having middle ring ejecting the chain issues so I gave him the hammer of truth to fix it.  nothing like a little hammer fine tuning right before a race.

somehow I jammed this rock between the rim and sidewall during the pre-ride.  never seen that happen before.

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