Tuesday, September 28, 2010

As Promised Yesterday

As I promised yesterday, you get to see some stair photos today.  Over the weekend I busted some serious balls to get the stairs ready to be installed working from 7 am to near 11 pm each day frantically trying to get everything to come together in time for my parents and brother coming down late Sunday afternoon for the actual install.  The steel frame for the stair weighed in in the 400 lb range so having lots of hands on errr hand would be key.  Highlights of the ordeal were me scrambling to paint the frame with cans (stupid!) then running out to buy a power sprayer only to forget to pick up the lag bolts needed to hold the stair in place and then, once that fact was realized, find out that the close store was now closed so I'd have to drive to the Home Cheapo 45 minutes away instead and then, THEN, having it start raining on my freshly painted stair (even though no rain was in the forecast).  Then getting the stair home and freaking out because I didn't think we'd physically be able to get the stair in place because of angles and restrictions and what not.

Thankfully, I was able to enlist a couple more friends (one of whom is used to bringing huge cabinetry into houses) to help and the install went fairly smoothly.

Then, last night I began installing the treads.  Oak treads that I worked up myself from a pile of nearly rotten oak planks from a friend's yard.  Somehow I've managed to learn how to use a large percentage of the tools in the company's cabinet shop.  Know how to use them well?  No.  Know how to use them?  Yes.

First tread.

 Treads in.  Railings still to come.

And, just in case you forgot that I have a family.  Here are a couple pictures of Marcy and B.

The chickens are getting bigger and Marcy and B are becoming chicken whisperers.
Of course, these golden comets are the most social walking chicken sandwiches ever.

if you want to have healthy chickens you need to check down the ole poop shoot.


the original big ring said...

mmmmmm, chicken.

rick is! said...

figures you'd comment the one time I mention food...fatty boobalatty.